Chair Fencing

What is Chair Fencing?

Chair fencing, also known as wheelchair fencing, is a version of fencing for athletes with a disability. Wheelchair fencing has Paralympic events in all sport fencing disciplines: foil, épée, and saber.

The rules in wheelchair fencing do not differ greatly from those of standard fencing. Athletes compete with the same equipment as able-bodied fencers. The major difference is the fencers’ wheelchairs are fastened to fencing frames at a 110-degree angle, allowing upper body movement only. In the foil event, fencers are permitted to strike only the trunk area of the opponent. In épée and saber, anywhere above the waist is a valid target. In épée, an apron is added below the waist to aid in the cancellation of touches in that area. The competitions take the same format as able-bodied tournaments, pool stages followed by direct elimination rounds.

Five Rings Fencing offers lessons in wheelchair fencing in all disciplines to all ages and skill levels.  We formerly had fencers practicing in all three weapons at the Lawrence salle.

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