2021 Five Rings Fencing Classical Fencing Tournament, Sept. 25th and 26th

COVID permitting… Indian Trail Middle School, 1440 E. 151st, Olathe Ks. Otherwise, outdoors TBD
Registration and Cost:
$20 registration, plus $10 for a single event, or $20 for all events.
Please pre-register by emailing mark@fiveringsfencing.org.
with the subject “2021 FRF Historical Tournament Registration. “
Please include the events you’d like to fence, and your club affiliations / coach. If independent, please say so.
Contact information is also helpful.
I will email you back with confirmation and additional information.
Tournament official events and times:
The events run backwards in time, starting with the 1880s and going backwards.
Saber: Check in / Registration: 8:30am, fencing starts at 9:30am.
Court Sword: Check in / Registration: 11:30am, Fencing starts by 12:30pm, prior event permitting.
Rapier and optional secondary: 8:30am, fencing starts at 9:30am
Long sword: 11:30am, fencing starts at 12:30am, prior event permitting.
I expect we’ll be done with fencing by not later than 5:30pm both days.

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