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No fencing Monday, May 6th

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NWS Kansas City
Timing for extreme eastern Kansas and extreme western Missouri: 8-11 PM tonight. Wind gusts could exceed 75 mph, with embedded tornadoes possible as well. Be prepared with multiple ways to receive warnings and know your safe shelter in advance.

canceling out of an abundance of caution.

Schedule for Five Rings at Lafayette for the rest of the month

It’s the end of the school year, so there’s a lot going on at Lafayette. Because of that, we’re cancelling the following sessions:

Wednesday, May 8th, No Fencing

Wednesday, May 15th, No Fencing

Friday, May 24th, No Fencing

Monday, May 27th, No Fencing

Friday, May 31st, No Fencing

Monday, June 3rd, No Fencing

Wednesday, June 19th, No Fencing

Friday, July 5th, No Fencing

Summer school ends on Wednesday, July 10th. Stay tuned for what fencing in KC may be available to us between the end of summer school and the start of the fall term.

Schedule for fencing at Academie Lafayette, 6903 Oak

There is no fencing at  A.L. for the rest of this week, and Monday is President’s days. So, our next practice there is Wednesday the 21st. New security policies require that we must enter  through the doors nearest the office, and that we may not prop the door open. Meaning that there will be two windows where a coach will be by the door to let fencers in. From 6:20 to 6:40, and from 6:55 to 7:05. If you find no coach to let you in, text 785-550-6718 (Mark), or 785-550-6716 (Sam) for entrance.